Oportunidades das empresas italianas para os proprietários de lojas e agentes

How to apply as a representative or for a franchise programme

Submit a request to the companies


If you are seriously interested in becoming an agent or representative for one or more Italian fashion companies, the ItalianModa B2B marketplace can help you!

Please prepare a detailed and reliable resume of your past experiences and current business, along with reliable references.

Please include what type of market you are interested in, as well as a precise listing of the Italian-made products you would like to represent, then send us your resume by E-Mail .

We will review and submit it to the most pertinent Italian companies. Then, if interested, they will get in touch with you.

You should also have a look at the blog of each company, where you can find its announcements for new agents and representatives. Just visit the company showroom (click for a list of all the showrooms) and follow the company blog link in the upper part of the page. More, you can also browse the ItalianModa Billboard, where there is a comprehensive selection of all the announcements from the blogs of all companies.


If you are going to open a shop (or revamping an existing one) you may be interested in learning about the franchising solutions offered by some Italian fashion companies.

Joining an Italian franchising programme allows you to acquire a sought-after Italian brand, as well as high quality and exclusive products, creating an outstanding combination to make your business more successful.

Please prepare a detailed profile of your past and current business experiences, as well as any possible information regarding your next (or existing) shop location.

In addition, please describe thouroughly the type of Italian fashion merchandise you are interested in selling at your new shop or boutique.

Send us your detailed information (including all your contact data): if your profile is interesting to the Italian companies offering a franchising program you can expect some feedback quite soon.

You can even learn about the new ItalianModa Franchise Programme. If you are opening a shop or revamping an existing one, make it an ItalianModa shop!
Read more about the such an exiciting and innovative franchising opportunity!

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